Whack Piglets

As neither of the factions was able to defeat the other, Faction Red Foreman came up with an evil plan.

“Let’s take over Foreman Yellow’s favourite cookie-making factory!” Foreman Red proclaimed.

The piglet engineers were overjoyed! Finally a chance to end the war!

Piglet Engineer, “We will first take over the cookie factory, and then we will use it as hostage to force Foreman Yellow to surrender! The war will finally be over!”

Foreman Red quickly kicked the Piglet Engineer!

“You fool! What is the point of that? I want all his cookies to myself! There is nothing more enjoyable for me to see him suffer as I slowly eat his cookie… one by one! Ha ha ha ha!”

Foreman Kick!

Once again, the piglet engineers are thrown into the fray behind enemies lines.

Piglet Parachute!

Since Foreman Yellow diverted most of the piglet engineers to the frontline, piglet engineers from Faction Red managed to take over the factory easily. All piglet engineers working in the factory were captured and sent to the Faction Red’s prison camp.

Foreman Yellow was furious the moment he heard the news. The thought of Foreman Red munching on his favourite cookies drove him furiously mad. Kicking and throwing wrenches at his piglet engineers, Foreman Yellow demanded to have his cookie-factory back.

“I want my cookie-factory back! I want alllllll~~~~~ my cookies back! Not one, and I mean, not one! MISSING!”

Foreman Yellow marched to his secret chest, opened it and unloaded one of his prized invention…

Foreman Yellow empties his chest to reveal his latest secret invention!

…. the Crimson A-Go-Go dynamite!

Crimson A-Go-Go Dynamite!

The dynamite deals maximum pain, but is totally safe to use.

The piglet engineers looked on in fear of the fate that is going to befall them.

As he begins strapping the Crimson A-Go-Go to all his piglet engineers, Foreman Yellow promised himself, “Yes…. I will do anything… ANYTHING… to get my cookies back!”

My Cooooookies!!! I Want it Back!


Come help the piglet engineers get the Foreman’s cookie-factory back! Join Us in Engineers War!

Engineers War is now available on the Apple’s App Store.  Download it here.

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