When Faction Red took over the cookie-making factory in Engineers War, all Faction Yellow workers in the factory were captured and sent to a maximum security prison on the island of Redcatraz.

Knowing Foreman Yellow will be too preoccupied with reclaiming his lost cookies and exacting his revenge than to care about them, the piglet engineers knew that they have to get out of this one on their own.

But getting out of Redcatraz is no walk in the park. There had only ever been one successful escape. That was a story that all Faction Red piglet engineers heard about but no one ever talked about it. Some claimed it was for real; others called it bollocks: How was it possible for anyone to escape a prison filled with guard towers, barbed-wire fences and patrolling helicopters?

Rumours stated that during the war, Faction Red arrested a highly influential piglet engineer. To make an example of him, Faction Red had him locked up and threw away the key, thinking that they would be safe with him out of the action. But this piglet was no ordinary piglet engineer… he is a professional escape artist. He got out of the maximum security prison with methods no one knew how, swam from the southern tip of the island around the world back to the northern tip of the island where he stole a jet ski and escaped back to the safety of his camp.

But Faction Yellow piglet engineers knew exactly who this escape artist was…. He was none other than the Yellow Bullethead – Master Fred.

Inspired by his daring escape, Faction Yellow’s piglet engineers plan to carry out their own daring escape… and YOU must help them!