The Foreman looked across the cliff at the mountains of junk scraps far beyond.

“A land of endless resources!”

An order was soon given.

“Piglet engineers! We need a bridge here ASAP!”

The piglet engineers worked and tolled, and very soon a bridge was erected halfway across the ravine.

The Foreman proudly stood at the edge of the half-constructed bridge, marvelling at his own ingenuity and brilliance.

Suddenly, a dark shadow merged from beyond the mist of the highland clouds. A Foreman from Faction Red!

The Foreman cleared his eyes. “Yucks! Faction Red has built a bridge towards our direction as well! In extremely poor taste too!”

The Foreman from Faction Red was equally surprised to see the Faction Yellow Foreman. “The pig with zero originality and creativity actually tried to build a bridge here? How arrogant!”

Both Foremen pretended to disregard each other, but were secretly examining one another’s works.

Upon closer examination, both Foremen were shocked to discover their bridges do not match up at all!

Foreman from Faction Yellow arrogantly gestured to the Foreman from Faction Red.

“Your bridge looks shoddy and distasteful; you should disassemble yours to match mine”

Furious, Foreman from Faction Red wildly gestured back to Foreman from Faction Yellow.

“Your bridge looks flimsy, and unfit for anyone to use! You should disassemble yours to fit mine!”

Both Foremen glared angrily each other. Foreman from Faction Yellow leaped across the gap between the 2 bridges onto the Foreman from Faction Red. A scuffle ensued.

After a violent fight and badly bruised, both Foremen burnt with rage. Taking out their giant bombs, each flings their explosive at each other.

A huge explosion occurred.  Both Foremen were thrown back to their respective side of the cliffs. Soon after, both bridges shook violently and collapsed.

Piglet engineers from each faction tried to hold their leader up, but both Foremen were not able to contain their dismay. Their beautiful creations have been destroyed!

Foreman from Faction Yellow, “THIS….”

Foreman from Faction Red, “…IS…”