SnowGlobe Princess is Now in the Apple App Store!

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Click on picture to download SnowGlobe Princess!

Download SnowGlobe Princess from the App Store Now!

Butterbrains Entertainment latest game – SnowGlobe Princess – is finally out in Apple App Store and it is free to play! If you like Engineers War, then give SnowGlobe Princess a try! The game is free, so why wait any longer?

In our game SnowGlobe Princess, you play the role of Asher – a descendant of the Titan. Heeding Princess Frost‘s call for help, you will set out to protect SnowGlobe from the evil Five Aspects!

Don’t wait any longer! Stretch your fingers and get ready to tap your way to saving the princess and SnowGlobe!

Available for iPhone, and in high-resolution for iPad! And the most awesome thing? The game is FREE!

Download SnowGlobe Princess from the App Store Now!


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