Ring of Fire

After much effort, Foreman Yellow finally managed to reclaim his prized cookie-making factory. However, to even allow his factory to be momentarily taken over by Foreman Red was a great insult to Foreman Yellow. To top that, he lost half of his cookies to Foreman Red, and this made Foreman Yellow extremely mad.

As usual, he vented out his anger on the poor piglet engineers.

“You incompetent… INCOMPETENT fools!” Foreman screamed, as he hit the head of a piglet with a wrench, “Because of all your worthlessness, we have not been able to take down Faction Red, we lost half my stockpile of cookies, and I was almost eaten by my own robot!”

Wrench Hit! Foreman Yellow is really angry!

“You lack skill, you lack discipline, and you lack everything I cannot find words for!” Foreman Yellow is getting emotional.

“Can you piglets even do anything right?” Foreman Yellow berated.

Suddenly, a thought hit him, “Yes… that’s right! That’s precisely the reason why we have not been able to take down Faction Red…..You piglets can’t do anything right.”

Mumbling to himself, Foreman Yellow paced into his workshop and shut the door, leaving the piglet engineers to look at one another – confused.

The Anti-Gravitational Floatation Device!

A few days later, Foreman Yellow emerged from his workshop, displaying his latest invention – a strange floating hoop, “Ta-ta, may I present to you, – the Anti-Gravitational Floatation Device!” An evil grin crept up the Foreman’s face.

The strange device looked like any regular ring, except that it seems to float in air. The piglet engineers were puzzled, “What good is this ring?”

Foreman Yellow gleefully took out a remote, “And behold, there is more to this!”

The Master Control!

He pressed a button on the remote and raging fire spurted out from the ring. A bad feeling began to dawn on the piglet engineers… they knew what is coming next – and it is definitely not good.

Flame On!

“All of you!” Foreman Yellow commanded, “Load yourselves into the cannon! I need to whip all you ill-disciplined, skill-lacking piglets into shape!”

Whipping the piglets into shape!

“The Ring of Fire will teach you skill, precision and most of all… R-E-S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!”

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