SnowGlobe Princess is Now in the Apple App Store!

Download SnowGlobe Princess from the App Store Now! Butterbrains Entertainment latest game – SnowGlobe Princess – is finally out in Apple App Store and it is free More »

Engineers War: Did You Know #016 – Tennis-Racket Special Attack!

The second piece of equipment that you will be tasked with handling is … the Tennis-Racket Special Attack! This is another great invention that will help us More »

Engineers War: Did You Know #015 – Laser Beam Special Attack!

Since you are tasked with handling all these special attacks in Engineers War, Foreman Yellow requires you to be educated about all his great and delicate inventions. More »

Engineers War: Did You Know #014 – Unlock Your Special Attack!

So you got to taking out the point blocks with pinpoint accuracy, what’s next? Using those credits to unlock special attacks and make Faction Red suffer! Curious More »

Engineers War: Did You Know #013 – Point Blocks

Initially, the cannon may be sufficient to deal blows to the enemy faction in Engineers War, but over time, it will become apparent that it is slow More »


Engineers War: Did You Know #003: A Versus System: Active vs Passive Gameplay

Can you imagine what Engineers War would be like if the game has a passive gameplay? We envisioned Engineers War to be a more action/arcade kind of game, where player needs to be skilful, fast and accurate; rather than a more passive puzzle solving type. We want player to experience a rush of adrenaline as

Engineers War: Did You Know #002: Finding a Niche

The original design may just be a rough concept, but the basic, centralized gameplay idea was there: using some projectile-firing mechanism to knock opponent’s blocks off. That has been the central premise of the game and continued to be so. Angry Bird was a phenomenal success and the game inspired a lot of similar apps.

Engineers War: Did You Know #001: The Original Concept of Engineers War Looks Terrible?

Yes, never ask a developer to draw. Luckily, with a touch by our resident artist, the concept turned into the awesome product that we all see now in Engineers War! Phew! “I am so glad that I turned out so much more better-looking!” “Who? Me?” Can you imagine how the game would look if it

Did You Know?

Hi everyone! After 2 weeks of hiatus, we are back with more things to share with all of you! We are going to start with a series called “Did You Know?”, which will go behind the scenes of Engineers War! We will be talking a lot about the concept and design of the game, as

Achievement – Buy a New Game!

“…………………..” – Developer Maybe it is a combination of utter lousy skill and extreme bad luck, else we cannot imagine how anyone can hit 20 penalty blocks in one go. Or maybe you are just trying your luck at breaking the game? Well, the achievement may be a total misnomer, but…. CONGRATULATIONS! You have unlocked