Fat Foreman

After the events in Whack Piglets (Read it Here), Faction Red’s piglet engineers began to realize it was pointless to continue holding onto the cookie factory. If Foreman Red ever found out that the piglet engineers have simply abandoned the factory, he will go crazily mad. The piglet engineers decided to carry as many of the cookies back to Foreman Red as possible to appease him.

Too many cookies!

But carrying that many cookies will make retreating extremely risky. The piglet engineers then came up with a brilliant idea: They will lure Foreman Yellow away to a dangerous situation, and force Faction Yellow’s piglet engineers to go rescue him so as to give up pursuing them.

Piglet's master-plan!

How are they going to achieve that? With cookies of course!

Faction Red’s piglet engineers chose one of their own to infiltrate their enemies so as to get close to Foreman Yellow. They had his hard-hat painted yellow so this particular piglet engineer can infiltrate Faction Yellow to lay the cookie trail. The remaining Faction Red engineers went about setting the trap.

Painting Hard-Hat.

The disguised piglet engineer managed to infiltrate Faction Yellow and once he got close enough to Foreman Yellow, he intentionally dropped a cookie right next to the foreman. The infiltrator then pretended to walk away in the direction of the trap, laying more cookies as he went along.

Laying the cookie trail!

A few days of cookie withdrawal had made Foreman Yellow extremely sensitive to the scent of a cookie. True enough, Foreman Yellow was soon enticed by the trail of cookies and quickly lured towards the trap.

Mindlessly following the cookie trail!

To his delight, he found a mountain full of cookies waiting for him on a metal platform, suspended in mid-air by a pulley.

“Oh! my delightful cookies! I am going to eat up every single one of you today!” Foreman yellow dived in and started devouring the cookies, not knowing that there was a hidden danger right below the platform.

The spy switches on the trap! Will our foreman survive this?

Faction Yellow’s piglet engineers began to realize their boss has been missing for a while. They combed the surrounding area and finally managed to find him sitting atop a metal platform in the scrap yard where he had been researching his latest invention.

Suddenly, the ground rumbled and Foreman Yellow’s latest creation – the giant robotic monster – broke out of the ground and started chomping in the direction of Foreman Yellow.

Save the cookie-stuffed Fat Foreman!

To the piglet engineers’ horror, Foreman Yellow continued munching on one cookie after another mindlessly, oblivious to the fact that he will soon be eaten by his own creation!

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