Engineers War: Did You Know #005: 3s Penalty

Definitely not a pretty sight!

Let’s face it; no one likes the penalty block in Engineers War. Shaped to look like a point-block but made with cold, rough stone;  hitting one with your piglet will get your piglet “pancaked”.

Trust me; the piglet engineers don’t like it much too.

"Little Piggie Piggie Piggie! Come Hit Me!"

For those growing up with old cartoons such as the classic Tom & Jerry and Road Runner & the Coyote, it will not be hard to notice that this penalty block is very much inspired by these old shows.

But do you know that hitting a penalty block causes a three seconds delay to your cannon’s reloading?

The penalty block was added much later after the game is conceived. We felt that having only 3 different types of point-blocks were not sufficient to encourage players to shoot with precision. As there is no disadvantage to shooting without care, players may not feel compelled to demonstrate any skill in their aiming.

To encourage players to improve and demonstrate great skill, we introduced the penalty blocks. Delaying the player by 3 seconds may not be very much at first, but once it stacks up, it will hurt a player’s chance at winning the game. This will force player to exercise greater caution when aiming their piglet.

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