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Achievement – Buy a New Game!

“…………………..” – Developer Maybe it is a combination of utter lousy skill and extreme bad luck, else we cannot imagine how anyone can hit 20 penalty blocks in one go. Or maybe you are just trying your luck at breaking the game? Well, the achievement may be a total misnomer, but…. CONGRATULATIONS! You have unlocked

Achievement – Veteran

“Rescue Foreman Yellow, beat the Ring of Fire, and defeat Faction Red. All in a day’s work!” – Master Fred, inspiring the piglet engineers suffering from low morale There is only one known Veteran in Faction Yellow, and he is Master Fred. While the piglets obey Foreman Yellow out of fear, they look up to

Achievement – Flame-tamer

“Master the fire! Don’t let it master you!” – Foreman Yellow, sharing his nugget of wisdom with the piglet engineers After being subjected to many rounds of Rings of Fire, the piglets grew less wary of the flame. They focused less on the fire, but more on the timing and rhythm of the rings. Strangely,

Achievement – Fatbulous

“Who among you will risk rescuing me from the mouth of the robotic monster again?” – Foreman Yellow, as he questions the piglet engineers’ loyalty and dedication to him. “What makes for a fabulous piglet engineer?” Foreman Yellow questioned his followers. “First and foremost: loyalty and dedication!” Foreman Yellow chanted to the piglets, “Enough loyalty

Achievement – Cannoneer

“Only for the brave and the bold!” – Foreman Yellow, as he gives out his Cannoneer Badge to the piglet engineers The sweat and the pain… to be fire off a cannon; to crash into a point block; to miss and to fall off into the cliff. Yes, only the brave and bold will attempt