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Fat Foreman – Part I

After the events in Whack Piglets (Read it Here), Faction Red’s piglet engineers began to realize it was pointless to continue holding onto the cookie factory. If Foreman Red ever found out that the piglet engineers have simply abandoned the factory, he will go crazily mad. The piglet engineers decided to carry as many of

Whack Piglets Part IV

Read Whack Piglets – Part I Here As he begins strapping the Crimson A-Go-Go to all his piglet engineers, Foreman Yellow promised himself, “Yes…. I will do anything… ANYTHING… to get my cookies back!”   Come help the piglet engineers get the Foreman’s cookie-factory back! Join Us in Engineers War! Engineers War is now available

Whack Piglets Part III

Read Whack Piglets – Part I Here Foreman Yellow marched to his secret chest, opened it and unloaded one of his prized invention… … the Crimson A-Go-Go dynamite! The dynamite deals maximum pain, but is totally safe to use. The piglet engineers looked on in fear of the fate that is going to befall them.

Engineers War Available on the App Store Now!

Get Engineers War Here! We made it through the Apple review! Engineers War is available for download on the App Store now! Come join us in the war with the Foreman and Piglet Engineers! Get Engineers War Here!