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Engineers War: Did You Know #007: Why Cliff Battle is called… Cliff Battle?

As you launch Engineers War and peer into the screen, a thumbnail with a silly looking piglet sitting in a cannon appeared before you. Only one stage is unlocked and available for play – Cliff Battle. Images of piglets throwing themselves off a cliff side floats into your mind. Oh well, I guess shooting piglets

Engineers War: Did You Know #006: How to Remove Penalty Blocks?

Made with solid, compactly-packed stone, it was designed to inflict severe pain to piglet engineers hitting it. Well, it worked pretty well in instilling fear in the piglets, but like with every design, there is always a drawback. The immense weight of the penalty block means that if one was to fall on another, the

Engineers War: Did You Know #005: 3s Penalty

Let’s face it; no one likes the penalty block in Engineers War. Shaped to look like a point-block but made with cold, rough stone;  hitting one with your piglet will get your piglet “pancaked”. Trust me; the piglet engineers don’t like it much too. For those growing up with old cartoons such as the classic

Engineers War: Did You Know #004: Background Concepts

Did you know that in Engineers War game, there are 10 different items in the piles of scraps for the background? The war between the piglet engineers took place on a cliff with a backdrop of scrap metals. It was where Foreman Yellow and Foreman Red decided they each want a portion of this rich

Our Latest Project – SnowGlobe Princess for both iPhone and iPad

We are wrapping up the final bits of our new game project for iOS – SnowGlobe Princess! We are slowly revealing more information about the game, so head on over to: Butterbrains Entertainment and find out what we have in store for you!