Box Surprise

Foreman Yellow has been increasingly strict with the piglet engineers ever since the events at the cookie-making factory. He was always on a short fuse, and if the piglet engineers did anything which is not to his liking, that will earn the piglets another round of Ring of Fire. (Read Ring of Fire Here)

Anything But the Ring of Fire!

Scalded, burnt and scared, the piglet engineers worked doubly-hard to please their boss.

However, not all mishaps can be prevented simply by working hard….

Foreman Yellow had ordered a supply of spare parts for his next research project, and it was just another routine stock-taking of the supply boxes.

Suddenly, one piglet engineer jumped and started gesturing wildly to his peers! All of the piglet engineers gathered around their friend to find out what’s wrong. Almost in tears, the piglet engineer pointed to the box.

The Label is Missing!

None of the boxes had any labels!

“How do we know we ordered the right parts?”

“Why did he order a bunch of trophies?”

“I don’t know, maybe he wants to melt them down and make a golden statue of himself? He is crazy enough to do it!”

What Are We Going to Do?

“We were never allowed to open the box for checking. Will the Foreman find out?”

“Do we have enough time to check?”

Thoughts flashed rapidly through the piglet engineers’ minds. The dreaded thought of being subjected to another round of Ring of Fire sent shivers down their spine.

The Fear!

Quickly, the piglet engineers made up their mind. They have to manually open the boxes to check the contents before the Foreman finds out!

Hurry! Help the piglet engineers collect all the golden trophies before the Foreman finds out!

Engineers War is now available on the Apple’s App Store. Download it here.

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