Engineers War ~ Action Game with Online Versus Mode

Use the cannon to train your Piglet Engineers! Improve your skill by pummelling opponent’s piglets in single-player missions. Pull and release the cannon to fire the piglets. Unleash your special attacks to decimate your enemies! After proving your worth, go online and join the war! Challenge others in an all out cliff battle!

Engineers War is the latest action game developed by Butterbrains Entertainment for iPhone and iPad.

Each faction has their own cannon, where player can control using their finger. Moving the finger up or down controls the trajectory, while pulling forward or backward controls the strength of the shot.


  • Challenging gameplay that requires good skill and accuracy
  • Wacky storyline with rich detailed graphics
  • Single-player missions and online versus mode
  • In-game special attacks with unique graphics
  • Unlock over 30 achievements
  • Get ranked on leaderboards

Ready your cannon! Load up your piglet! Join the WAR!