Monthly Archives: August 2012

Our Latest Project – SnowGlobe Princess for both iPhone and iPad

We are wrapping up the final bits of our new game project for iOS – SnowGlobe Princess! We are slowly revealing more information about the game, so head on over to: Butterbrains Entertainment and find out what we have in store for you!

Engineers War: Did You Know #003: A Versus System: Active vs Passive Gameplay

Can you imagine what Engineers War would be like if the game has a passive gameplay? We envisioned Engineers War to be a more action/arcade kind of game, where player needs to be skilful, fast and accurate; rather than a more passive puzzle solving type. We want player to experience a rush of adrenaline as

Engineers War: Did You Know #002: Finding a Niche

The original design may just be a rough concept, but the basic, centralized gameplay idea was there: using some projectile-firing mechanism to knock opponent’s blocks off. That has been the central premise of the game and continued to be so. Angry Bird was a phenomenal success and the game inspired a lot of similar apps.

Engineers War: Did You Know #001: The Original Concept of Engineers War Looks Terrible?

Yes, never ask a developer to draw. Luckily, with a touch by our resident artist, the concept turned into the awesome product that we all see now in Engineers War! Phew! “I am so glad that I turned out so much more better-looking!” “Who? Me?” Can you imagine how the game would look if it

Did You Know?

Hi everyone! After 2 weeks of hiatus, we are back with more things to share with all of you! We are going to start with a series called “Did You Know?”, which will go behind the scenes of Engineers War! We will be talking a lot about the concept and design of the game, as