Monthly Archives: June 2012

Achievement – My Preciousss

“Okay got one! This is really weird… why did he order all these trophies?” – Piglet Engineer, as he dug out a trophy from one of the shipment boxes. The piglet engineers scrambled to find all the trophies in the shipment boxes, but they were not able to shake off the question: why did Foreman

Achievement – Circus Pig

“To honor your determination and agility, I present to you the great Tutu of Dexterity!” – Foreman Yellow, as he presents an award to the piglet engineers for their hardship. Scalded, burnt and worn out after the trial of the Ring of Fire, the piglet engineers laid themselves out on the grass patch – resting.

Achievement – Roast Meat Seller

“Do all of you know what they make roast meat out from? You!” – Foreman Yellow, as he recounted the story of Murphy the Roast Meat Seller Let’s not forget Murphy the Roast Meat Seller. This has got to be Foreman Yellow’s favorite. Piglets had gone missing while traveling between the cookie-making factory and the

Achievement – Sirloin Seller

“You incompetent piglets… if not for me… Poof! You’re gone. Next thing you know, you are a steak on the dinner table!” – Foreman Yellow, as he intimidates the piglet engineers with tales of Jack the Sirloin Seller. Of course, who else can forget the story of Jack the Sirloin Seller? Story goes that Jack

Achievement – Sausage Seller

“Why don’t I just let Ron the Sausage Seller take you all? At least then all of you will be good for something…as SAUSAGES!” – Foreman Yellow, as he subjected the piglet engineers to the Ring of Fire. Despite being rescued by the piglet engineers, Foreman Yellow pinned all the blame squarely on the piglets.