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Achievement – Size Does Matter

“We ran out of piglets!” – One of the piglet engineers exclaimed, after discovering that they were still not able to counter Foreman Yellow’s weight and lift him away from the robotic monster One by one the piglet engineers loaded themselves onto the platform in an attempt to counter Foreman Yellow’s massive weight, in the

Box Surprise – Part I

Foreman Yellow has been increasingly strict with the piglet engineers ever since the events at the cookie-making factory. He was always on a short fuse, and if the piglet engineers did anything which is not to his liking, that will earn the piglets another round of Ring of Fire. (Read Ring of Fire Here) Scalded,

Achievement – Size Does Not Matter

“These are the best cookies I ever had!” – Foreman Yellow savouring his precious cookies, totally oblivious to the threat below him Foreman Yellow became severely obese from binging on the cookies. The piglet engineers looked on, worried, “How many of us will it take to save him? Do we even have enough piglets to

Ring of Fire – Part V

Read Ring of Fire – Part I Here “All of you!” Foreman Yellow commanded, “Load yourselves into the cannon! I need to whip all you ill-disciplined, skill-lacking piglets into shape!” “The Ring of Fire will teach you skill, precision and most of all… R-E-S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N!” Help us get the piglet engineers through the Ring of Fire!

Achievement – Unblinking Eye

“Aim? Aim? AIM? Aiming is for pansies!” – Foreman Yellow, being angry at the piglet engineers for failing to retake the cookie-making factory Faction Yellow had trouble getting the cookie-making factory back as Faction Red put up a strong defence; holed up in the factory. Foreman Yellow grew increasingly impatient; the thought of Foreman Red