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Fat Foreman – Part VII

Read Fat Foreman – Part I Here Faction Yellow’s piglet engineers began to realize their boss has been missing for a while. They combed the surrounding area and finally managed to find him sitting atop a metal platform in the scrap yard where he had been researching his latest invention. Suddenly, the ground rumbled and

Fat Foreman – Part VI

Read Fat Foreman – Part I Here To his delight, he found a mountain full of cookies waiting for him on a metal platform, suspended in mid-air by a pulley. “Oh! my delightful cookies! I am going to eat up every single one of you today!” Foreman yellow dived in and started devouring the cookies,

Achievement – Sharpshooter

‘The moment you blink, you lose your mark!’  – Master Fred, during his Block Attack 102 – How to Avoid the Pain of the Penalty Block class for the piglet engineers Penalty block hurts. When one feels the cold, rough surface on his face, he knows for sure the pain will come soon after. And

Fat Foreman – Part V

Read Fat Foreman – Part I Here A few days of cookie withdrawal had made Foreman Yellow extremely sensitive to the scent of a cookie. True enough, Foreman Yellow was soon enticed by the trail of cookies and quickly lured towards the trap. Read Fat Foreman – Part VI Here

Achievement – Killing Spree

‘Heh point blocks… red, green and yellow… bleh, same crap, different color’.  – Master Fred, during his Block Attack 101 – How to Survive Being Shot from a Cannon class for the piglet engineers There is a reason why Master Fred is the most revered piglet among the piglet engineers – he was awarded the