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Whack Piglets Part I

As neither of the factions was able to defeat the other, Faction Red’s Foreman came up with an evil plan. “Let’s take over Foreman Yellow’s favourite cookie-making factory!” Foreman Red proclaimed. The piglet engineers were overjoyed! Finally a chance to end the war! Piglet Engineer, “We will first take over the cookie factory, and then

Prelude to War

Their resentment started ever since their days in elementary school, when Foreman Yellow mocked Foreman Red for blowing himself up while constructing his first dynamite. Unwilling to take the insult, Foreman Red sabotaged Foreman Yellow’s Yellow Submarine in their Vehicle Engineering Class 101 and caused Foreman Yellow to sink to the bottom of the pond.

The Battle

Faction Red and Faction Yellow never liked each other much. Truth be told, it is never really the piglet engineers not liking each other…. if left alone, piglet engineers from both sides get along just fine. Except for their leaders. You see, Foreman from Faction Yellow and Red simply does not get along. Foreman from

(Fat) Foreman


Leader of the piglet engineers. The Foreman is arrogant, cocky and temperamental. He pays the piglet engineers very little, yet makes them work very hard. After the feud with Faction Red Foreman escalates into an all out war, the Foreman got the piglet engineers involved in his personal fight with Faction Red. Possessing a little

Piglet Engineers

Piglet engineers are a bunch of hardworking little dudes under the tyrannical control of the Foreman. A little clueless at times, but they possess great working attitudes and engineering skills. Now, the poor piglet engineers are caught in the middle between the feuds of the Foreman from Faction Yellow and Faction Red, and both Foreman